Hustle fam! The NFL would provide opportunities for Tank and his family that were beyond his wildest dreams coming from his circumstances. He started out with 4, buying then as low as $1,500. He would even grow to have supervisory role in his company, but his dreams for the company were bigger than their own. On the show we get Damar's exceptionally knowledgeable perspective as a new truck owner as he shares his insights about the trucking business. Wilfried Louisy-Daniel's income source is mostly from being a successful . Ashville Holdings encompasses every element in construction and is a fundamental part of all supply chains. In the last 5 years Sharae Moore along with her community of 16,000 female drivers have been the voice for womens representation in the male dominated trucking industry. According to research, the black dollar last ONLY 6 hours in the black community compared to 28 days in the Asian, 19 days in the Jewish and 17 days in other white communities. He is from France. At an early age, Louisy knew life could be quite difficult. Riviera Finance, Factoring, is an important part of the transaction process when it comes to the trucking business. 42990 - #BLM. Aug 10 2021 Construction Education This is a day in the life of Daniel Ashville Louisy, the Director of Companies for Ashville Aggregates, Ashville Inc and Ashville Concrete. With no experience, but a ton of hustle and determination, Niki ventured out on her own and started her company, NR Swanks freight brokerage. Much love goes out to the Hoodstates Fam!!! Visit for more, #89 Aushley Frazier, MBA - How To Build A Trucking Asset Management Company & Buying Trucks At The Auction, Aushley Frazier is what you would call a serial entrepreneur. This was a great way to set of the New Year. In this episode I talked to Dante Dean, Owner of King Dean Logistics. Maybe , The most interesting thing about Shaquanas resume is the fact that she started out as social worker with no intent of pursuing global logistics and international trade. Are we consumers or citizens and what should that mean to you? Net Worth Yes, he's a multi-millionaire but he deserves every dollar. He had interest in Trucking for 2 reasons. On today's episode we kick it with BJ Phillips creator of Black Small Biz a platform which empowers aspiring business ownerswith tools and resources for creating wealth. She is the founder of GovLia, an all in one tech platform that connects small disadvantaged business with government contracting opportunities. On 10/22/2010 ERICA ARANA filed a Family - Marriage Annulment lawsuit against DANIEL LOUISY. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. 6 talking about this. Chasity Mims is a practitioner at her craft, bringing businesss to life by adding color and personality to the companies pallet. He is a celebrity youtube star. Company address: ASHVILLE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED. By the end of that year he had 5 more. #38 Curtis Grant Baller Alert! From the NFL to Big Tyme Trucking CG&Boys Trucking, On todays show we caught up with CFP National Champion & Former NY Giants Team Captain, Curtis Grant. Daniel Ashville Louisy runs the a group of construction companies. Kory would Take his passion for sports and apply it to business. Social media car guy. George Floyd and so many more #47 Six Figure Transportation - 6k to 6 figures w/ N.E.M.T (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation), #HustleFAM On today's show we got a chance to converse with Eric from Six Figure Transportation. In this episode we dive into the laws that are made to protect to consumer and question, are our rights being violated and if so, just how long is it until we can bankrupt the bureau. Follow Umar Clark @thebureaubullies and connect with him at, #39 Marcus Jones "Think and Grow Rich" - Fracking Millions 100 truck vision - Racers Hotshot. This would change Sams outlook on life and business. Owner of the Ashville INC, Daniel Ashville Louisy. Whats really unique about Brocks operation is that he has been able to build a million dollar operation keeping his entire fleet LOCAL! They also give some insights on what's next as they continue to raise the bar in trucking and logistics education. #49 - Box Truck University w/ Chris Bright & Tawana Randall, #Hustlefam On today's show we talk to Chris Bright of No Limit Couriers and Tawana Randall of Gold Star Logistics about their latest project and partnership "Box Truck University" a community and curriculum for those interested in the box truck niche. #63 Eric Coffie - The DIY Method To Winning Government Contracts! GovCon Giants, This episode may just be your ticket to winning your first government contract. This show is not our normal format and contains some explicit language(warning) LOL, but I guarantee you will be falling out of your seat. He has now built a strong reputation in the industry and a clientele list that consists of todays biggest and brightest stars. Daniel has been fantastic to deal with over the last few seasons. They entered into the market place creating a fully compliant solution based Secure Transport operation unlike any of their competition. !, Periodt, Don't @ me!LOL Today I got to kick it with with the founder and curator of the "S.H.E Trucking" movement, driver, Instructor and entrepreneur Sharae Moore. Destinys business, Destiny Way Logistics, Is a full service logistics agency which includes a dispatch service and freight brokerage and a last mile delivery service. Ashville Construction is head of the Ashville Group and a leading Design & Build company, based in London, offering a complete solution and turnkey service for all your residential and commercial property needs. They call her The Beast! Throughout her career, she has lead import duty recovery programs contributing to over 25million in duty savings. With Sourcing, Warehousing, Freight Consolidation, Shipping & Delivery, they have gradually expanded their business to control the supply chain and do it in White Glove fashion. #21 Eric Ball - What Your Online Course Wont Teach You! D.O.T Masterclass. #16 Stephanie Lawrence - 4:44 Episode!!! Daniel Louisy. In total, they deliver about 5,000 packages per day. At 23 years old, Jalen Uboh has built and empire(JSU Global)! 7 de junio de 2022; where to buy used bicycles near me To begin, Keidrain spent 14 years in prison and during that time suffered the loss of him mom and younger brother. After some disappointments, she would end up finding the trucking industry by way of a $5,000 freight brokerage training course, which unfortunately left Niki with a lack of knowledge, resources and questions . Lansing , MIs upper echelon secure transport company. Chris has always been a entrepreneur. Moving cars requires a unique set of skills, knowledge and resources that are not commonly used in traditional trucking. Daniel says he's open to learning how "to relax a little and realize that I can't control everything 100% of the time." Now he has created and incubator and mentorship to aspiring entrepreneurs and give them the tools, resources and knowledge to succeed. Search and find company accounts information for ASHVILLE HOLDINGS LIMITED, PLOT 5 LINK PARK, THORNEY MILL ROAD WEST DRAYTON UB7 7EZ. To learn more click the webinar link below, and stay updated on what Sheldon and his wife Tammi have been working on for their box truck and cargo van community. Im my own boss so I make my own schedule We had no where to begin. Delmard started out as a driver and would soon start his own company. .. #74 Serita Lockley - 13 Dump Trucks In 7 Years | Lady Lockley's Trucking. Zoagies is a food truck experience that is the talk of New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. #54 Shakeia Kegler - Government Contracts "On Demand" Govlia. Not long afterwards he would pool together over 500 minority carrier units for UPS and his concept became a reality. Later in the show, Eric speaks on a concept in which he created and coined as, Truck Estate, where he parallels the worlds of real estate and trucking as a means to financial freedom. Follow Mysherri @thetruckersaccountant and make sure to contact her for a FREE 15 min consultation. 5 following. ASHVILLE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED West Drayton, UB7 7EZ Age: 16 Year (s) ASHVILLE CONSTRUCTION LIMITED Credit Report Includes Risk Score, Credit Limit, CCJs, Mortgages & Charges, Director & Secretary Timeline, Shareholders, Ownership & Group Stucture. I just pull over and work out Generally, funds under. Join our Free Webinar Tuesday May 18th 2021 How To Build A 7 Figure Last Mile Operation, #93 Delmard Wood - How To Build A Trailer Rental Company - 138 Trailers | Rent My Trailer Now, Delmard Wood is the owner of Rent My Trailer Now. Company Description: ASHVILLE CONCRETE LIMITED is located in WEST DRAYTON, United Kingdom and is part of the Cement and Concrete Product Manufacturing Industry. In the last 4 years Tysons company has risen from the ashes. He took that experience and created an innovative platform to connect drivers with trucking jobs. Coming from a lineage of truckers, Sharea started out as a driver 7 years ago. Follow Kadeem's company on Instagram @Victory_Trucking. Buffalo NYs native, Mike Nelms, is a multi-prenuer who has garnered a reputation for helping others to start trucking businesses and doing it for Free. Now with 2 trucks and 2 drivers on the payroll she is looking to expand her fleet and her business. Starting in the mailroom as a temp, Renado worked his way up with no prior experience to eventually open his own insurance agency. 1. Hamza Sabree of Global Connects, LLC is a local and federal government contracting expert whose passion matches his promise. K.Neal remains a leader amongst it's competitors capturing almost 50% of the school BUS market share In THE state of MAYLAND and slew Truck orders. Apply discount code SAVE20 at checkout. Just some years back this couple started their courier service (sprinter van)business and have already scaled to having 8 cargo vans under their authority. As with all commerce there will be many transportation and solutions needed to manage the anticipated capacity. Marcuss story is truly inspiring because he started literally from the bottom, learned the game and now he plays to for the team he owns. Mar 2013 - Jun 20163 years 4 months. Ishar is a second generation trucking entrepreneur who got into the family business at a young age and since then has owned his own fleet, a freight brokerage, a truck driving school and most recently and ELD solution based company. Tank has plans to replicate this concept with other larger outfits and create more opportunities in the future. Daniel Louisy. On today show, Ben lays out the Do's and Don'ts of factoring and tells us what you definitely want to stay away from when choosing a company to factor with. Trapper, came from humble beginnings and has been through traumatic situations which we explore during the podcast. We talk to Casey about her youth growing up in Virginia and her many brushes with entrepreneurship all while having a budding music career. 23/07/2018 - Present (4 years and 6 months) Born in Jan 1982 (age: 41) Status: Active: Position . daniel ashville louisy. sanford elementary school maine / trevor ariza highlights / who is daniel ashville louisy. Case Summary. "When D.O.T is your friend" #GOALS!!! This event would mark the beginning of her journey. Last updated December 17 2015, 1.54PM (over 6 years ago) Similarly named officers. This how they did it! From humble beginnings, Shaquana has earned 3 college degrees and amassed a long list of professional credentials. She would then start her own company Supreme Driver Recruiting, a driver recruiting agency that connects drivers with contracted carriers, such as Dollar General. Today we bring you another special guest. These vans are small commuter vans that hold multiple passengers and can get you to your destination fast! Jay, however, had a bigger plan! This show goes Deep!!! Although his start was Rocky, J persevered and now continuities to grow his business Pro haul Logistics. If you are interested in starting your own dispatch company. UB7 7EZ Follow Hoodestates on instagram @hoodestates and @hoodestates_sandy for more explosive content! We hope for a positive and healthy season where QPR moves forward and we grow our relationship further.. Kimberlys passion is now education and helping to inspire and assist other up and coming trucking business owners. Ashville Aggregates are a member of the Ashville Group of Companies, who specialise in Grab Hire, Aggregates supply, Waste Management and Recycling. He is arguably One of the greatest running backs in NFL History and part of The Greatest Show On Turf which was the Rams nickname in 1999 when they went 13-3 advancing to their second Superbowl. state board of education district 2; 2014 bdo world darts championship. Under the Hoodestates tutelage, Not only does she own her own trucking fleet, she is also knee deep into real-estate, a 6 figure Youtuber and an accomplished author. #17 Ishar Sandu - EZ ELD Solutions A, B, C, DELD's Trucking, Brokerage and Technology! Follow us as we walk through Chriss journey from Corporate America to flipping houses to building communities. He wanted a truck, a dump truck! Make sure you follow Eric on Instagram @truck_estate for more content. Keidrain is not your typical success story in fact he has faced some of the most insurmountable odds. Today, Pierre has built a strong team around him and is developing the "fleeting" platform that just may be set to disrupt the trucking industry as we know it. Our relationship with QPR goes from strength to strength as we support each other through good and challenging times. Donec odio. The company thrived under Korys leadership. Their page is filled with inspiring stories of black entrepreneurs who are creating, marketing and selling everyday household products form soaps, detergents to tooth brushes and underwear. I this Interview I asked Sharif If We Buy Black was The Black Amazon and his answer may surprise you. After some time in prison, Damien started out with one dump truck and a plan and has since built his brand to include Dump truck excavation and aggregate, business consulting and even a pretty unique apparel line. He would work his 9-5 during the day and deliver packages for Amazon at night. He would soon start his own brokerage and have much success. This was a great opportunity to bridge the gap and a conversation that went way deeper than I expected. Daniel Ashville Louisy has been appointed in a total of 14 companies. A UK construction entrepreneur, Daniel started with the purchase and remodelling of a house in East London in 2003, and has since branched out into New Builds, Aggregates and Concrete. On Ash's first day as the "New CEO" of the company she was hit with a $4,000.00 bill just to get the truck in her possession. Kory would become a successful college football athlete attending Eastern Michigan and would also earn a bachelor of science degree. Follow Herman Dolce @haitian_ceo for more content and credit/fiance tips. Fast forward Today, Mike has grown the company to not only hauling Fuel, but to specializing in all things HAZMAT with a mix of tankers, reefers, flatbeds and more. To start, Chris went out and got his first box truck while still working a full time job. They also talk about their journey in entrepreneurship and plans for the future. On todays show we discuss the opportunities in transportation, specifically in this space. Brock and his team of Interstate Hustlers are truly killing the game and on this episode he gives away his Complete Local Formula. I promise you do not want to miss this one. His businesss include a Trucking company with over 20 trucks. Director @ Ashville Aggregates Limited. 413. Using promo code TNH@DUKE.AI Check out the website here at, #79 Cesar Ruiz - "5 Trucks, 5 Reefer Trailers N' Business is Booming | American Truck Routes, On todays show we catch up Cesar Ruiz a young trucking Entrepreneur and owner of American Truck Routes( ATR). Companies associated with this officer had at least -135,875 . It has been and uphill battle, however, along the way Shaquana has been reminded that she didnt belong and most times could not find anyone to relate to. 13/05/2021 You can connect with TaNeshia at or on Instagram @thelegacybuilder, #71 Tay Carter 40 trucks in 4 months | Free Dispatch Training | JTX Trans | The Freight College. Follow Pierre Laguerre on instagram @pierre_laguerre5 and check out for more info. The man behind the brand, however, has manage to keep himself out of the spotlight focusing on the people instead of himself. We begin with talking about BJ's lineage in the trucking industry which would lead to her opening her own company and eventually creating what she has coined as the "Truckless Coins" business model. With social distancing becoming our new normal as a result of the corona virus, those numbers may have just increased. Disparate Dan Daniel Ashville Louisy is a man of many parts: Self-made businessman and self-confessed risk taker, fitness enthusiast, plant operator, truck driver and, most recently, social media star. This case was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Courts, Santa Monica Courthouse located in Los Angeles, California. This podcast will reset your thinking and give you the motivation to embark on this entrepreneurial Trucking journey. sanford elementary school maine / trevor ariza highlights / who is daniel ashville louisy. Tajuana breaks it all the down for us in this very transparent information packed episode. Daniel Ashville Louisy Director at The Ashville Group of Companies London, England, United Kingdom 7K followers 485 connections Join to view profile ASHVILLE AGGREGATES LIMITED Activity. Herman takes us through his entrepreneurial mindset and gives us a few business banking hacks that can help you get substantial lines of credit even in the early stages of your business. He was a fat kid who struggled with overcoming his weight issues (yes, he was a fat kid growing up). Eric started his business with only $6k dollars and has now been able to scale to multiple vans as his business has grown. Apply to Adjunct Instructor, Academic Advisor, Academic Coach and more! Follow Demarco on Instagram @metromaxdispatch and connect with his team at and at, #32 Teeauna White - No Experience Necessary! Whiteway Trucking LLC, Teeauna Pretty Pockets White represents the hustle, determination and grit it takes to turn nothing into something. The first 2 1/2 years were a struggle that almost put Coby out of business, but he was able to sustain make some swift changes. Follow Wall Street Trapper on Instagram @Wall_Street_Trapper and connect with him online at where The Trap" House is Jumpin. Hear how Daniel is opening the door into the aggregate & construction industries, welcoming his huge TikTok & social following. Join on YouTube Community: Also, make sure you Follow Curtis on Instagram @curtisgrant14, #37 Prunetta Brunson & Fitzgerald Gatson "The Corona Virus & Affordable Healthcare for Truckers" The Bhang Group, LLC. Her skillset would always have a positive financial impact on her employers bottom line, however, Shay was not always recognized for her efforts and talent. Shareef Abdul Malik was born in Washington DC (Chocolate City). From day one he has been and entrepreneur taking lessons he would learn form his early childhood and applying them to multiple businesses from selling fragrances in the streets to painting houses. However, Daniel Ashville Louisy, Managing Director of Ashville Group, has observed that some clubs, such as QPR, are averse to gambling sponsorships and prefer to take endorsements from company's operating in other areas, for both ethical and business reasons. 0207 608 5516 Larry AKA L Boggie, can be found on Youtube and other social channels breaking down everything you need to know about partnering with Landstar in his own fun-loving and unique way. Ashville Holdings is rooted in construction and our history has morphed from boots on the ground to in-house development and government infrastructure projects. On the show, we dive into their individual journeys and unpack what would eventually lead them to connect and build this unique platform. . - Millionaire Auto Transport (Car Hauling), Ses Amillion is a thorough and boro bred New Yorker who turned his street life into square business. This newly erected state of the art building was a 15 million dollar project which includes a full service maintenance facility, 15,000 square feet of parts inventory, a showroom floor and much more . She has led the international trade compliance of initiatives for the military defense industry, home goods, chemicals, footwear, apparel and sporting goods. She is a Truckers, Trucker who has been all around the country representing her movement with style and grace making sure that women are heard and a force to be reckoned with in a male dominated trucking industry. It was great to catch up with Damien especially since a lot has changed for better, but that did not come with some challenges. In Episode 6 of our Road to IAA & bauma series, Daniel Ashville Louisy wants to know more about the digital transformation at PALFINGER. Geteilt von Mario Roither Go Digital! Not only is Brooklyn both of our hometowns, but there was no place better to have a real live conversation and get down business. In the past year, Cesars trucking business has grown. November 27, 2021 No Comments. 119k Followers, 269 Following, 494 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Daniel Ashville Louisy (@daniellouisy) daniellouisy. Follow Sharae on instagram @shetrucking for more and make sure you visit for the dopest "She trucking" apparel and content! Philando Castile montecito dog friendly restaurants. They connected me with Dean Croke, their principal data analyst who was able to give some great insights on the current trends in the market. Eyo shares his journey with us and takes us through some of his keys to his success. From running his own Hotshot company, Next Level Hotshots, to his dispatch company, Be Logistics, Brandon is keeping himself and his team extremely busy and productive. SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST ON:Spotify - - on Instagram: Highlights:00:00 Introduction01:48 How Ashville Inc Started11:42 Expanding Ashville Inc.17:45 Top 3 priorities in the construction business21:29 The difficulties in running a construction business24:00 Building Ashville into a wraparound construction company31:31 Financing Ashvilles fleet of trucks33:53 Tracking Ashvilles finances35:45 Staffing additions as key to Ashvilles expansion37:17 Finding suppliers38:43 Pricing jobs40:40 How changes in Ashvilles financing impacts the size of job theyll take on43:55 Staffing as the key to a growing business49:53 The future of Ashville53:09 Ashvilles most profitable areas54:26 Crowdfunding56:48 Daniel's investments57:56 Ashvilles branding1:00:32 Common personality traits of entrepreneurs1:01:55 Ashvilles YouTube Channel1:03:39 Training and personal life1:07:36 Fear of failure1:08:07 Passion for work1:09:06 Determining where to assign attention at work1:09:51 Top 5 pieces of business advice #ASHVILLE #Construction #Podcast NSFW w/ #Hustlefam The Trucking Guru Kierra Henderson, James "Power Push Weight" Boyd and Drill Sergeant! Follow Shanti Hoffman on instagram @shantihoffman ; Gerren Hoffman @lordgeezuschrist ; Tamarias @tmk_administartiveconsultant ; @hoffmantransportation ; and @truckitright for more content. This unconventional style of investing has panned out to be extremely lucrative and has made way for huge opportunities! Today, roughly a year later, he runs a team of 135 employees. (Thesis) Ashville has since fast grown into a popular YouTube channel with Daniel naturally presenting an insight into construction, waste management and property development. Kimberly's passion is now education and helping to inspire and assist other up and coming trucking business owners. Hosted by Industry Enthusiast and Entrepreneur Rahmel Wattley, #103 Mike Stewart - How To Build A Million Dollar Fuel Transport Company | Reliant Tank Division. #24 Kwame Nkrumah - CryoRVA turned a 24ft. After hearing from a friend about the opportunities in trucking, she took her smarts, talent and hustle to the trucking industry. Choosing the right company to partner and factor with is imperative and can impact your bottom line tremendously. A Knock at Midnight: A Story of Hope, Justice, and Freedom Listen until the end to find out how only TNH listeners can access the platform for FREE!!!!! For more info check out or on Instagram @yellowbricktransport Our construction waste solutions mean waste can be recycled and reused as .